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Why Seed School Online?

Seed School Online is a response to ongoing emails and calls from students everywhere wanting to learn about this important tradition.
We get requests weekly to bring Seed School to communities all over the world. 
           Now we can.
Since September of 2010, we have graduated over 600 students in our six-day and one-day Seed School programs plus recently graduated 80 people from our new online Seed School.
Bill has been inspiring people to save seeds for over 30 years.  Just before launching Seed School, he realized he had become the person he was looking for, over 30 years ago.
Now all the resources and support Bill was once searching for have come together with Seed School Online and are available to you!
During our 7-class program you will meet other seed stewards and find your own inspiration. You will hear personal stories of individuals who transformed their newly found seed knowledge into small seed companies, seed libraries and exchanges.
Technical guidance and hands on experience will have you scurrying to your garden, eager to apply the skills you learn in our online class.
What could be more satisfying?

What You Will Learn 

In order to understand why seeds are so important, we need to start at the beginning. By reviewing the global history and circumstances surrounding seeds we can evaluate where we hope to be in the future.
Once the context for the seed movement and the patenting of these tiny gems of life is understood, you will recognize the real issues we are encountering with our current farming and food systems.
After this foundation is established we focus on basic genetics. To understand how seeds propagate is to truly understand their power. 

We will cover how characteristics and traits happen genetically and will show you how to select your own seeds and evaluate them for the things you want to encourage.
How exciting!

The practical aspects of seed saving will be covered by focusing on pollination, breeding, harvesting, storage and germination.

Pollinators are the real catalyst for seed production.  You will become one. 
The idea is to get your mind down into the stigmas, styles and anthers of this fun and food producing activity. 
Spacing and hedgerow ideas, tips and small paintbrushes will all end up in your new toolbox.  
Let’s say you prefer to spend your time hiking in the wilderness, yet still want to join the seed saving tradition.
One of the most satisfying parts of seed saving can be harvesting seeds from wild plants.
We cover the rules, give you specific tips on which plants to find, and show you how to time travel!

Next you learn how to harvest your own seeds. You will be able to naturally select for the plants that thrive best in your backyard's microclimate. How to store seeds is then covered along with the methods for testing for germination. 

Why It's So Important

We will be unearthing the hierarchy of the modern seed industry.
Have you wondered if the seed companies we buy from actually grow their own seeds?
How do you find the best local company that can start you on your seed saving adventure with good open-pollinated seed stock?
As you are learning the structure of modern seed enterprises, you will also get a primer on basic seed terms and how to navigate around choices that will work for you.
What is your responsibility? How do we become good seed citizens?
Stories from other successful seed stewards will help provide the inspiration and structure for you to take your next steps.
Resources, handouts and links will allow you to choose the right path and continue on the path to success.
You will be able to move your seed wisdom and expertise into your backyard, your community and the world.
Let’s get started! 

Testimonials for Seed School

"In 2013 I had the pleasure of meeting Bill McDorman and Belle Starr while visiting Seed School to shoot my documentary ‘Open Sesame – The Story of Seeds’… I watched participants discover not only the world of seeds, but also a new power within themselves. I can attest to that myself having come to shoot a movie and having left with the never-before-considered goal of starting my own seed company."

Sean Kaminsky

Director: ‘Open Sesame – The Story of Seeds’ www.opensesamemovie.com
Founder: Free Wild Seeds www.freewildseeds.com

"Seed School is an amazing course! It was an honor to learn from a master seedsman like Bill McDorman. His passion and enthusiasm is invigorating a new generation of seed savers."    

Rebecca Newburn

Co-Founder, Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library

"I have a lot of degrees and diplomas but have never hung one up on my office wall until now. This course has been a deep experience for me and has transformed how I think about food, the environment, and the history of our soil and the people tending it"

Nanna Meyer, PhD

Associate Professor at Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences, University of Colorado

What You Receive When Enrolling in
Seed School Online

  • 7 prerecorded online classes
  • Membership to the Private Seed School Facebook Group with over 300 members
  • Monthly LIVE Q&A sessions with Bill McDorman (starting March 2017)
  • Weekly downloadable resources & Seed School Online Membership Site access
  • Basic Seed Saving pdf by Bill McDorman
  • Plus tons of extra resources to dive into!

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Seed School Online Comes With A

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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We look forward to personally guiding you in this amazing journey of seed saving so you can rejoin this important ancient ritual. 


Bill & Belle